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UR3 Refresh Powder Shaker

UR3 Refresh Powder Shaker

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Revive and refresh your UR3 toys with the UR3 Refresh Powder.

This specially formulated powder helps to reduce stickiness, prolong the lifespan of your toys, and maintain their realistic feel.

Key Features:

  • Keep Your UR3 Toys Like New: The UR3 Refresh Powder is specially designed to help maintain the realistic feel and appearance of your UR3 toys. This powder is formulated to revive and refresh the surface of your toys, keeping them soft, smooth, and just like new.

  • Prevents Stickiness: Over time, UR3 toys may become sticky or tacky due to the nature of the material. The UR3 Refresh Powder helps to combat this issue by reducing stickiness and restoring the softness of your toys. With regular use, you can ensure that your UR3 toys maintain their original texture and feel.

  • Prolongs Lifespan: By applying the UR3 Refresh Powder to your toys, you can extend their lifespan. The powder helps to reduce wear and tear on the surface of the toy, preventing the material from breaking down or becoming damaged over time. This ensures that you can enjoy your favorite UR3 toys for longer.

  • Easy to Use: The UR3 Refresh Powder comes in a convenient 1oz shaker bottle, making it easy to apply to your toys. Simply sprinkle a small amount of powder onto the surface of your toy, ensuring even coverage. Gently rub or pat the powder onto the toy, then shake off any excess. Your UR3 toy will be left feeling revitalized and ready for use.

  • Safe and Non-Toxic: The UR3 Refresh Powder is formulated with safe and non-toxic ingredients. It is free from harmful chemicals that could potentially irritate your skin or cause discomfort. You can use the powder with confidence, knowing that it is designed to be gentle on your skin and safe for intimate use.

  • Convenient Storage: The UR3 Refresh Powder comes in a compact and convenient shaker bottle, allowing for easy storage and access. The small size makes it perfect for travel or discreet storage in your bedroom drawer. With the UR3 Refresh Powder, you can keep your toys fresh and ready whenever you desire.

With its easy application and safe ingredients, the UR3 Refresh Powder is a must-have for any UR3 toy enthusiast.

Keep your toys in top condition and enjoy lifelike pleasure every time you use them.

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