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Pride Satin Sash - Rainbow

Pride Satin Sash - Rainbow

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Add a touch of elegance and show your pride with the Pride Satin Sash in Rainbow.

Its high-quality satin material, vibrant rainbow design, and adjustable fit make it a versatile and stylish accessory for Pride events and celebrations.

Key Features:

  • Make a statement with style: The Pride Satin Sash in Rainbow is the perfect accessory to make a bold and stylish statement during Pride celebrations. With its vibrant rainbow design and elegant satin material, it adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to your Pride ensemble.

  • High-quality satin material: This sash is made from premium satin fabric that is smooth to the touch and comfortable to wear. The luxurious satin finish gives it a high-quality look and feel, making it a standout accessory.

  • Vibrant rainbow design: The sash features the iconic rainbow design, symbolizing the diversity and inclusivity of the LGBTQ+ community. The vibrant colors create a visually striking display that represents unity and love.

  • Adjustable and one-size-fits-all: The Pride Satin Sash is designed to be adjustable and one-size-fits-all. It comes with a long ribbon that allows you to easily adjust the sash to your desired length and fit. It can be worn by people of all sizes and body types.

  • Versatile styling options: The satin sash can be worn in various ways to suit your style and preference. You can wear it as a sash around your waist, drape it diagonally across your body, or even wear it as a headband or scarf. Let your creativity shine and create unique Pride-inspired looks.

  • Perfect for Pride parades and events: Whether you're attending a Pride parade, festival, or any LGBTQ+ event, this sash is a must-have accessory to show your support and pride. It instantly elevates your outfit and makes you stand out in the crowd.

  • Durable and long-lasting: The Pride Satin Sash is made to withstand multiple uses and celebrations. It is carefully crafted with durability in mind, ensuring that you can wear it for years to come as a symbol of your ongoing support for the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Easy to wear and remove: The satin ribbon closure allows for easy wearing and removal of the sash. Simply tie it in a bow or knot, and you're ready to make a fashionable statement.

  • Show your support all year round: While Pride celebrations often take place during specific months, this sash allows you to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community all year round. Wear it during Pride events, LGBTQ+ gatherings, or whenever you want to spread love and inclusivity.

  • Promote love and acceptance: By wearing the Pride Satin Sash, you're sending a powerful message of love, acceptance, and support. It serves as a symbol of unity and solidarity, encouraging others to embrace diversity and champion LGBTQ+ rights.


Whether you wear it around your waist or get creative with different styling options, this sash is sure to make a statement.

Wear it proudly, spread love, and show your support for the LGBTQ+ community with the Pride Satin Sash.

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