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Nalone Rock 2 Wand Massager Touch and Heat

Nalone Rock 2 Wand Massager Touch and Heat

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Experience the pleasure and power of the Nalone Rock 2 Wand Massager Touch and Heat.

Choose between the sleek black or vibrant aqua-blue color options to match your style.

Key Features:

  • Powerful and versatile: The Nalone Rock 2 Wand Massager is a high-quality, rechargeable wand massager designed to provide deep and satisfying vibrations. With its powerful motor, this massager delivers intense sensations to help you relax and unwind. It's perfect for relieving muscle tension, soothing sore areas, and enhancing sensual pleasure.
  • Touch-responsive technology: The Rock 2 Wand Massager features touch-responsive technology, allowing you to control the intensity of the vibrations with a simple touch. The harder you press the massager against your body, the stronger the vibrations become, giving you complete control over your experience.
  • Heating function for added comfort: This wand massager also includes a built-in heating function that adds a soothing and comforting element to your massage. The gentle warmth helps to relax your muscles, enhance blood circulation, and promote a deeper sense of relaxation.
  • Premium silicone material: The Nalone Rock 2 Wand Massager is made from premium silicone, which is body-safe, hypoallergenic, and velvety-smooth to the touch. The soft and flexible head of the massager comfortably adapts to your body contours, allowing for precise stimulation and maximum pleasure.
  • Multiple vibration modes and patterns: Choose from multiple vibration modes and patterns to find the perfect combination that suits your preferences. Whether you prefer gentle and teasing vibrations or intense and pulsating sensations, the Rock 2 Wand Massager has a variety of options to satisfy your desires.
  • Waterproof and easy to clean: The Rock 2 Wand Massager is waterproof, making it easy to clean and allowing you to enjoy it in the bath or shower. Simply wash it with mild soap and warm water, or use a toy cleaner for a thorough clean. Remember to dry it completely before storing it in a safe place.
  • Rechargeable and travel-friendly: This wand massager is rechargeable, eliminating the need for batteries. The included USB charging cable allows you to conveniently recharge the massager anytime, anywhere. Its compact size and travel-lock feature make it a great companion for your journeys and adventures.

Whether you're using it for a relaxing massage or indulging in intimate moments, this wand massager is sure to take your pleasure to new heights.

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