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Asylum Leather Hood With Removable Blindfold And Muzzle

Asylum Leather Hood With Removable Blindfold And Muzzle

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Introducing the Asylum Leather Hood with Removable Blindfold and Muzzle - the perfect accessory for those who crave the exhilaration of sensory deprivation and intense BDSM play.

Experience the thrilling combination of restriction, control, and heightened anticipation with this premium leather hood.

This versatile hood offers many different sensory deprivation options for a wide variety of play for you and your partner.

A full hood of soft, flexible leather completely encases the head, with holes for the eyes and mouth.

A removable padded blindfold and molded muzzle can be buckled on with adjustable straps that crisscross enticingly across the sides of the head. Closes quickly and securely with a zipper in the back.

✨ Surrender to Total Deprivation: The Asylum Leather Hood is designed to immerse you in a world of thrilling sensory deprivation. With its removable blindfold and muzzle, this hood allows you to relinquish control over your sight and speech, heightening your vulnerability and deepening your submission.

🔥 Premium Quality Leather: Crafted from high-quality leather, this hood combines durability with a luxurious feel. The supple leather molds to your contours, ensuring a comfortable fit, while the sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance during intense play sessions. Indulge in the rich texture and visual appeal of this top-tier bondage accessory.

💪 Customizable Fit and Security: The Asylum Leather Hood features adjustable straps and buckles, allowing for a secure and customized fit. The strategically placed padding ensures both comfort and restriction, making it possible to explore prolonged periods of sensory deprivation. Experience the satisfaction of complete surrender without compromising safety.

🌟 Versatile BDSM Play: This hood offers endless possibilities for BDSM play. With its removable blindfold and muzzle, you have the freedom to customize your experience. Whether you desire complete sensory deprivation or prefer to engage in sensory teasing and restriction, this hood is versatile enough to accommodate your desires.

💎 Perfect for Intense Power Dynamics: Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a curious explorer, the Asylum Leather Hood is a must-have addition to your BDSM collection. Dive into power dynamics, engage in sensory play, and create unforgettable moments of intense pleasure, surrender, and dominance.

🌈 Deepen Intimacy and Trust: Release inhibitions and explore profound levels of connection with your partner as you don the Asylum Leather Hood. By embracing sensory deprivation, you can strengthen the bond of trust, heighten communication, and deepen your intimate connection. Embrace vulnerability and ignite your desires.

💥 Surrender to Intense Pleasure: Immerse yourself in the world of sensory surrender with the Asylum Leather Hood with Removable Blindfold and Muzzle. Let the deprivation of sight and speech transport you to new realms of pleasure and submission. Experience the ultimate surrender and indulge in the profound depths of sensory bliss.

Embrace the power dynamics, explore the realms of sensory surrender, and unlock new levels of pleasure and submission. It's time to immerse yourself in the world of intense sensory bliss.


Measurements: Circumference at forehead 25 inches, width at widest point 25 to 27 inches, neck width 16 to 18 inches.

Material: Leather and metal.

Color: Black  

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